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We are Earth - We are water

In the video work We are Earth – we are Water, we get an unusual insight into
sublime forms in nature, a poetic view of the micro in the macro, which is
enabled by technological innovations. The work is furthermore a dreamy visual
play with ever-changing forms that are constantly created around us, but we
usually do not notice. We are invited on a journey almost into the materials
themselves, their chemical reactions and the intelligence of their transformative

Nature´s transformative process is one of our greatest teachers in life. It has an
eternal appeal and reminds us of infinite possibilities and at once of the
unpredictability of life. Transformations are part of a normal growth process
and life chain, but in recent times different kinds of transformations are taking
place in nature due to global warming. These changes have become very real in
our time, we not only know about them, but we feel them. We see differences in
the volume of glaciers, we feel unusual climatic changes and we see the
ecosystem changing. Many of us feel powerless at the thought of how we can
prevent further global warming, what we can do.

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